F50 is BACK! 🤩😍

Football enthusiasts, rejoice! The iconic Adidas F50 football boots are making a comeback, and the excitement is palpable. The F50, known for its speed and sleek design, has been a favourite among players for years. Let's dive into the buzz and see what fans are saying about the return of this legendary boot, and address the rising issue of boot scalping.

A Classic Reborn

The Adidas F50 series has always been synonymous with speed and performance. Its lightweight design and snug fit made it a go-to for many top players. Now, it's back, and players everywhere are eager to get their hands on a pair.

User Reactions

Here's what some users on r/bootroom have to say:

u/goingforgoals17: “Where do you get these? I can only find lace-less online and they aren't on the Adidas website in anything other than white.”

Snowy_River_99: “eBay for a 1000% mark up most likely now.”

u/absnxL: “They were a limited first release, sold out quick. Don’t know if Adidas plans on restocking this colourway.”

u/Affectionate_Site365: “I was hoping they make a leather version…”

u/Familiar_Shelter_393: “The Speedportal .99 and Adizero leather ones released in the last 2 years are basically that.”

u/brutus_the_bear: “I had 3 pairs of these, including leather and the F50 Prime synthetic.”

The Scalping Issue

With the return of the F50, a significant issue has resurfaced: boot scalping. Scalpers buy up limited edition releases in bulk and resell them at exorbitant prices, often on platforms like eBay. This practice not only inflates prices but also makes it difficult for genuine fans to purchase the boots at retail price.

u/Snowy_River_99: “eBay for a 1000% mark up most likely now.”

u/absnxL: “They were a limited first release, sold out quick. Don’t know if Adidas plans on restocking this colourway.”

How Retailers are Combating Scalpers

To counteract scalping, retailers like ProDirect Soccer are implementing several strategies:

  1. Purchase Limits: Setting a limit on the number of pairs a single customer can buy helps prevent bulk purchasing by scalpers. ProDirect often enforces these limits during high-demand releases.

  2. Raffles and Pre-Orders: Implementing raffle systems or pre-order options ensures a fairer distribution of the product. Customers register for a chance to buy the boots, which prevents bots and scalpers from securing all the stock.

  3. Enhanced Security: Using advanced technology to detect and block bot purchases. This technology can identify automated buying patterns and prevent these transactions from completing.

  4. Customer Verification: Some retailers are now requiring verification steps during checkout, such as email confirmation or additional ID checks, to ensure that each purchase is made by a real person.

Practical Advice for Avoiding Scalpers

Here are some tips to help you secure a pair of F50s without falling prey to scalpers:

  1. Stay Informed: Follow official brand accounts and retailers on social media for announcements on restocks and new releases.

  2. Sign Up for Notifications: Register on sites like ProDirect Soccer to receive email alerts about upcoming releases and restocks.

  3. Use Multiple Devices: When a release is scheduled, use multiple devices and browsers to increase your chances of getting through to checkout.

  4. Join Raffles: Participate in raffles and pre-order opportunities when available. While not a guarantee, these methods can increase your chances of securing a pair at retail price.

  5. Avoid Third-Party Sellers: As tempting as it might be to buy from a reseller, remember that you’re likely paying a significant markup. Patience and persistence with official retailers can pay off.

The New Release

The F50 is back with some modern updates while retaining the features that made it a legend. The limited first release sold out quickly, but fans are hopeful for restocks and new colourways. The new editions maintain the F50’s legacy of lightweight construction and speed-focused design.

Where to Buy

For those eager to snag a pair, availability can be a bit tricky. While some fans have turned to eBay, where prices are significantly marked up, others are keeping an eye out for restocks on official channels. Currently, you can find the F50 at Pro Direct Soccer, though sizes and styles may be limited.

A Perfect Fit?

When it comes to sizing, opinions vary:

u/retiringtoast8: “True to Nike size or 1/2 size down?”

u/drinkingonmymedz: “Had to cut them because the high back heel lip would give me blisters like my Pumas.”

It's always best to try on the boots if possible, or consult sizing guides and reviews to ensure a perfect fit.

The F50 Legacy

The F50 has been a part of many memorable moments in football history. From stunning goals to incredible saves, these boots have seen it all. Players love the F50 for its combination of speed, comfort, and style. The return of the F50 brings with it a wave of nostalgia and excitement, as both seasoned players and new fans get a chance to experience its magic.


The return of the Adidas F50 has reignited a passion among footballers. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the game, the F50 offers a blend of performance and history that's hard to beat. Keep an eye out for restocks and new releases, and make sure to grab a pair to see what the hype is all about.

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